More and more boxes have appeared in recent years, they offer incredible offers and promotions. Easily access Netflix to enjoy your movies and series from your couch.

Find the internet TV box offering the best Netflix serviceTo find the best box for Netflix, you have to browse the list of boxes on the market and make your choice according to your specific expectations. To make your life easier and avoid this tedious step, we have prepared a comparison of some boxes with Netflix that will undoubtedly allow you to make the best choice.

The internet TV box with Netflix service from SFR

With the SFR internet box with TV, you can subscribe to Netflix to enjoy the best content on your TV. When you choose the Netflix option, you have access to a multitude of documentaries, films and series on VOD. The advantage is that they are available at all times!

Thanks to the SFR decoder, you can watch countless quality content on multiple devices. However, it all depends on the subscription you choose to subscribe to. SFR offers several types of Netflix subscriptions : ” Netflix standard and family plan “(13.49 euros),” Netflix standard and SFR cinema “(17 euros),” Netflix Standard and Deezer Premium “(22 euros),” Netflix standard and RMC sport “(24 euros), and” Netflix Essential “(8.99 euros).

Moreover, the advantage of SFR TV internet boxes is that there is no interruption by advertisements when watching a program on Netflix. You can even pause playback and resume whenever you want. It is also possible to move forward or backward from the remote control of your Internet box when watching a film or a series.

In addition, you have the HD option to have a better quality image. Downloading the movies and series you like is available to watch them wherever you want offline. For sSubscribe and activate the Netflix option on your SFR boxYou have to go to the customer area of ​​the SFR site. Then go to the ” My offer and my equipment “. Choose your option by clicking on ” add options “.

You will have access to the ” channels and services “. Activate the Netflix option and validate to validate the terms and conditions. Complete the registration by following the steps that will be presented to you. Remember that the Netflix service of the SFR Internet TV box is extremely complete, in particular thanks to the different types of subscriptions that can be taken out.

Netflix with the Bouygues TV internet box

To have access to Netflix with a Bouygues TV internet box, you have the option of subscribing to 3 subscription plans. With the Bbox Must, press the green button on your Bouygues remote control. Then go to the ” TV packages “. Netflix Bouygues programs are available from 8.99 euros.

Several packages are then available to you. The Essential package at 8.99 euros which gives access to a single screen on Netflix. The standard package at 13.49 euros which allows you to have 2 screens at the same time. Finally, the Premium plan at 17.99 euros allows better image sharpness for a very clear, realistic and immersive image.

With the latter, you have access to 4 screens simultaneously: everyone can watch the program that suits them. In addition, with Netflix Bouygues, your registration date is considered the starting point of your monthly plan which is 30 days.

You can modify your subscription at any time, as it is non-binding. Also, Bouygues offers you the possibility of benefiting from a free trial month ! All you have to do is create a Netflix account via your Bbox TV. Then choose the option ” Start your free month “. Continue by finalizing your account activation and enjoy free Netflix content.

To sum up, with a Netflix Bouygues internet boxYou can watch your favorite series and movies live from your TV directly with the operator’s fiber. The vast catalog of entertainment will ensure you have the best possible evenings. In the end, the Bouygues offer is very similar to that of SFR, the choice of Netflix packages is however more limited.

Free and its Netflix service with internet TV box

It’s been 5 years since the operator Free signed a partnership with Netflix. Free offers several internet subscriptions: Freebox Revolution, Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta. We can therefore, from these different internet TV boxes, access this platform.

To have access to internet TV boxes including Netflix at Free, you will have to pay at least 19.99 euros per month, which corresponds to the price of the Freebox Revolution for the first year of subscription.

However, with this internet box, as with the Freebox Pop offer, the price of Netflix is ​​not included in the price of the box subscription. You will therefore have to pay a minimum of an additional €8.99. But we now come to the main advantage of Free: the operator offers an Internet TV box which includes Netflix directly in the price of the box subscription. This is the Freebox Delta, which is priced at €39.99/month for 1 year then €49.99/month. This is a great advantage that will surely make you choose this operator over the competition!

In the end, which box with Netflix to choose?

In view of all that has been said, the internet TV box with Netflix from Free remains the best choice to make. Indeed, both in terms of the speeds offered by the operator’s boxes, the price of the latter or the services included, Free remains unbeatable.

The operator Free disrupted the telecoms sector when it arrived on the market, both through its aggressive pricing policy on mobile plans and through the quality of its internet subscriptions. Today, Netflix is ​​offered by all operators, but Free manages to remain competitive with full subscriptions, innovative and high-performance boxes, sometimes even including Netflix directly in the price of the box, such as the Freebox Delta. Our choice will therefore be Free without hesitation. Of course, this is only our own opinion, now it’s up to you to test it!

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