The Oregon Public Utilities Commission is asking Oregonians to test their internet speed and submit it. It’s part of an effort to ensure that every person in Oregon has access to fast, affordable internet.

Here’s more from the PUC, including how to run a speed test.

Salem, Oregon – The Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC) encourages Oregonians to report their home Internet speed data or lack of Internet service as part of the Internet Speed ​​Test and Survey broadband mapping service from Faster Internet Oregon. This information will help secure infrastructure funding and ensure it is allocated in a way that every Oregon resident has access to fast, affordable internet service.

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Congressional bipartisan broadband infrastructure funding bills are doling out billions to states in an effort to make equitable internet access for all Americans a reality. These broadband funding programs provide an unprecedented opportunity to overcome the enormous challenges that have kept reliable and affordable internet service out of reach for many rural and tribal communities due to low household incomes, low population density, remote locations, difficult terrain, among other obstacles. Having accurate data to identify where broadband service is and is not available is an important first step in helping state and local decision makers determine how to allocate funds to provide broadband services equitably.

The Faster Internet Oregon Speed ​​Test and Survey, offered in English and Spanish, is easy, free, and safe to complete. In addition to running the internet speed test, respondents are asked if they have home internet service, an estimate of the monthly cost, and the address where the speed test is performed. This data, which is protected from being used for other purposes, will be mapped to identify gaps in service and used to estimate project costs for future broadband expansion.

“We encourage all Oregonians to participate in the Faster Internet Oregon effort. The data provided will be invaluable as our state seeks to make significant improvements in broadband infrastructure connectivity for all Oregon residents, improving access to health care, employment, education and many community resources,” said PUC President Megan Decker.

To start the speed test and survey, visit: Plus, let your Oregon-based friends, family, and colleagues know to help ensure greater participation in this effort across the state.

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