• The pioneers of executive training offer a unique multiplayer, collaborative, and VR training experience that delivers powerful ROI for global companies going through digital transformation.
  • Customers such as Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Pfizer can deliver impactful training while eliminating up to $2 million in travel costs and over 1.0 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per person.
  • The investment will fund expansion in the United States as the company paves the way into the new virtual reality-as-a-service (VRaaS) market.

LONDON, Jan. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gembavirtual reality workforce learning platform, today announced that it has raised an $18 million Series A funding round at a $60 million valuation led by a New York investor Parkway Venture Capital.

The investment will be used to accelerate the company’s growth in EMEA and to fund expansion into the North American market as the company paves the way in the new virtual reality corporate training space in as a service (VRaaS).

Through its proprietary Virtual Reality (VR) offering combining software, content and service, Gemba helps global companies looking to train a distributed workforce across multiple locations through highly immersive learning programs, factory tours and live training events – just by putting on a VR headset.

“In the digital age, Gemba is an impactful solution to the biggest challenge facing transformational leaders: deploying powerful and effective training at scale, in a compelling and cost-effective way,” said Gemba CEO, Nathan Robinson.

“Gemba is at the forefront of a new enterprise metaverse. It’s virtual, convenient, cost-effective, and the VR learning experience is amazing, but it’s the actual ROI that has exceeded our customers’ expectations. Gemba is the right solution at the right time, and we’re excited to welcome Parkway VC as partners in our shared mission to help people and organizations thrive in the next era of work.

“We are delighted to welcome Gemba to our growing portfolio of pioneering technologies of the future – at the intersection of AI, virtual reality and simulation,” said Jesse Coors-Blankenship, Co-Founder and General Partner, Parkway Venture Capital.

“Gemba is poised to change the way global organizations train their workforce in all critical areas of learning and development – ​​from interactive on-the-job training and safety to leadership training. With its immersive platform and deep expertise in workforce training, Gemba is poised to scale and expand into multiple markets, becoming the leader in future of work training for the workforce. 21st century business,” added Gregg Hill, Co-Founder and General Partner, Parkway Venture Capital. Jesse and Gregg join Gemba’s board of directors.

Gemba grew out of executive training company The Leadership Network, founded in 2013 by CEO Nathan Robinson and President Victor Lewis. Through its collaboration with global giants such as Toyota, Tesla, Google, BMW and Amazon, senior executives from non-competing companies were able to visit their state-of-the-art factories and facilities to see best practices in action in the part of a Gemba executive masterclass.

Parkway’s investment will accelerate the development of the platform, allowing individuals and businesses to access Gemba on a subscription basis. Users will benefit from an ever-expanding virtual world of training simulations, tools, and learning experiences easily accessible through online app stores anytime, anywhere. With the introduction of colocation services, adaptable mixed reality spaces, AI-powered consultants, and a secure and customizable version for large-scale enterprise use, Gemba is a reliable tool for business transformation. the global workforce.

“As an educator, we know that 90% of learning is about engagement. Gemba empowers users to learn and practice in a whole new way. With higher levels of engagement than traditional teaching and the combination of unprecedented levels of realism and a personalized learning experience, it is a revolutionary teaching tool,” said Frankie Cavanagh, Chief Technology Officer of Gemba.

The customer experience

Gemba is trusted by more than 4,000 executives from over 675 companies, including Philips, Pfizer, Nike and Dell.

As published in the World Economic Forum’s augmented workforce white paper, leading automotive supplier Aptiv had limited expert resources to deliver high-quality training across 125 factories and more than 20 offices. Gemba VR training allowed Aptiv to impart knowledge to a much greater depth and breadth with 80% greater efficiency compared to real-world training. In the first year, workforce satisfaction increased and $2 million was saved from eliminating travel and related costs alone.

For Fortune 500 customers such as Caterpillar and Johnson & Johnson, Gemba is a viable, timely and proven solution that will reduce travel, leverage management knowledge and give the global workforce access to training, inspiration, coaching and events from anywhere. Gemba is positioned to respond quickly to the requirements of these enterprises and offers an agile deployment model that can quickly scale from one site and replicate globally as needed.

Laura Flanagan, Manager, Leadership Development, Johnson & Johnsoncommented, “Gemba has been a great partner to date, and we at Johnson & Johnson are excited to integrate Gemba’s unique virtual reality training into our global leadership programs in 2023 and beyond.

About Gemba

Gemba is the enterprise metaverse’s go-to workforce learning platform. Its innovative and collaborative VR training experiences deliver powerful ROI for global companies going through digital transformation. Born from 10 years of proven expertise in executive training by Nathan Robinson (CEO) and Victor Lewis (President), Gemba gives companies access to vital knowledge, dynamic training tools, exercises and masterclasses. experts, all accessible via a VR headset from anywhere at any time. To date, Gemba has helped over 4,000 executives from over 675 global companies drive change in their organization, including Pfizer, Coca Cola, Caterpillar, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Volvo, Amazon, Nike and many more. ‘others.

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