The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched an investigation into virtual telecom company Gorilla Mobile just days after the telecom company announced it would suspend mobile phone plans in Singapore for two to three months. He is in hot water for not seeking approval from the authority before stopping his mobile service which is required under the license conditions.

Gorilla Mobile initially announced on January 17 that it would discontinue its local mobile plans on January 31. However, he told local media site TODAY that he would instead suspend services for the next 60 to 90 days. It was also reported on Channel News Asia that IMDA has asked Gorilla Mobile to fulfill its obligations to users affected by the mobile service shutdown.

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Under IMDA’s service-based operating license, telcos are required to provide authorities with six months written notice before they intend to terminate their license, or at least three months before they intend to terminate any of the services they provide. According to CNA’s report, IMDA said Gorilla Mobile has since given the required three-month notice to affected users and asked the company to provide assistance to affected users who may wish to migrate to different service providers. .

Gorilla Mobile also provided further clarification to its users on January 18 on its Facebook page where it wrote that they were undergoing technical improvements to their platform and that they were planning to introduce a new E-SIM card at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

“Due to ongoing changes to our local mobile service in Singapore for new product upgrades, we have advised our customers to migrate to another provider to maintain uninterrupted service,” he wrote. “Gorilla Global will provide all necessary support to migrate their accounts seamlessly. We sympathize with this downside and believe that a better product experience and better service will only benefit Gorilla. Global users in the future. »

The news is certainly a surprise for users, especially since it has been well received locally since entering the Singapore market in June 2021. It was granted a service-based operating license in March 2021 by IMDA. At that time, the company said it would “provide mobile services to consumers” through the M1 infrastructure.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING has contacted Gorilla Mobile and IMDA for comment.

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