January 24, 2023

Media across the country call on Nick Hillman’s expertise to help put the subject of federal student loan programs into perspective.

nick hillman

Hillman is a professor at the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis and is an expert on how finance, politics and geography shape educational opportunity. He is also the director of the university Student success through applied research (SSTAR) Laboratory.

In an interview with St. Louis Public Radio, Hillman discusses racial inequality in the student loan system.

“People of color, black men and black women in particular, have always been disenfranchised by the lending system, not only having to borrow more money to go to college, but then on the job market. work, [they] don’t have the same kind of return on that investment, even for the same degrees, and therefore don’t have the ability to repay their loans,” he says.

Check out the St. Louis Public Radio interview.

in additionHillman was interviewed recently for stories of Yahoo News, KXMCand KGNU on the federal student loan forgiveness program, and by SciLine, where he explains “which borrowers have the most difficulty repaying their loans and are most likely to default; how student loans affect individual borrowers and their families; and what impacts would be expected from implementing the Biden administration’s plan or resuming student loan repayments.

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