SAN MATEO, Calif., January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TooFar Media, the leading digital media storytelling production company, today announced that it has received the Best Mobile App 2023 award from Digital Book World. The Digital Book World conference has returned to New York City after a six-year hiatus, bringing together the publishing industry’s top leaders and innovators at a time of profound digital transformation and technological change.

“TooFar Media has set the bar for what an immersive multimedia storytelling experience should look like,” said Bradley Metrock, CEO of Digital Book World. “This award is a testament to the innovation, ingenuity and vision behind what TooFar Media has created: a mobile app that takes digital storytelling to the next level.”

TooFar Media has been a pioneer in multimedia storytelling for over twenty years, combining book, art, music, animation and video to create an immersive digital storytelling experience via a mobile app for iOS and Android.

“We are honored to receive this award and to be recognized by Digital Book World,” said Rich Shapero, visionary founder of TooFar Media. “TooFar Media is a creative sandbox where each project is both a novel and a multimedia experience that allows us to draw more adventurous readers into an experience that adds nuances of meaning to the text of the novel.”

TooFar media has released ten projects to date and works with contributors around the world, from Grammy award-winning musicians and producers to stunning artists to the best animators on the planet, all to support Rich Shapero creative vision.

Learn more about TooFar Media and download the app at:

About TooFar Media

TooFar Media is a multimedia production company that creates interactive storytelling experiences combining books, music, art, animation and video.

The company was founded more than 20 years ago by a maverick visionary Rich Shapero and works with contributors around the world, from Grammy-winning musicians and producers, to stunning visual artists, to the best animators on the planet. The company has produced ten multimedia projects that have been experienced by millions of readers through the TooFar Media app.

Learn more about TooFar Media and download the app today at:

About the digital book world

Digital Book World is home to thought leadership, best practices, and community gathering across the vast world of publishing. 2023 saw the return of the conference and the Digital Book World Awards, recognizing the best in class achievements in the vast world of publishing and technology. Learn more at

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