“He’s a G-top. He’s a cool dude. He knows what he’s doing.”

That’s what hundreds of Australian teenagers think of internet celebrity, self-proclaimed misogynist and suspected human trafficker Andrew Tate, according to a recent poll.

It revealed that not only do the vast majority of boys know who Andrew Tate is, but many say they relate to his philosophies.

“Young men are really connected to some of his key messages around motivation and motivation…he succeeds with direction and clarity,” said Matt Defina, organizational psychologist and impact manager at The Man Cave.

“It’s really dangerous because then they get caught up in his other more damaging views.”

The data comes from Mr Defina’s Melbourne-based organization, which runs healthy masculinity and preventative mental health programs in schools.

The organization set out to assess the impact the controversial British-American influencer was having on young men after his rise to prominence last year.

Who is Andrew Tate?

A man wearing sunglasses sits in a boat staring at the water with a serious expression.
Last year, influencer Andrew Tate was banned from most of his social media accounts.(Twitter)

Mr. Tate is a former kickboxing champion who stands out above all for his openly misogynistic attitudes and violent rhetoric towards women in online videos.

His posts have been viewed billions of times and earned him millions of followers.

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