Residents of Badsey, Malvern and Pershore will now have access to superfast 100% fiber optic internet.

It comes after FullFibre’s Fiber Heroes invested over £14.1 million in upgrading the network.

James Warner, CSO of Fiber Heroes, said: “We are really proud to roll out our wholesale-only fiber optic network in these three key towns and add to the seven towns we already live in and build in Worcestershire. .

“The internet is an integral part of everyday life and has a real impact on how communities function and how we live our lives.

“Everyone has the right to the best internet connection possible, and we look forward to bringing it to local residents through our community of partners.”

Fiber Heroes has already made similar improvements in eight other county towns, including Droitwich, Evesham, Offenham, Wychbold and The Littletons.

The company says this new service will provide “more reliable” internet connections with download speeds of 1GBPS, which it says is 20 times faster than the national average.

Businesses and residents of Badsey, Malvern and Pershore can access services through any broadband provider active in the regions, including Air Broadband, BeFibre, IDNet, Gigabit Networks, Link Broadband, Merula, OctaPlus, Redline, Squirrel and ZYBRE.

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