GREENWOOD — High school students at Greenwood Christian Academy are learning how the ability to identify credible sources of information is crucial to our democracy.

The school is located on Main Street in the old Gathering Place building. And the program is part of their Student Media class led by teacher Kris Mobley.

“Technology is always going to change, so I teach them these fundamentals, giving them this 101 intro,” Mobley said. “It’s positive because those things aren’t going to change.”

As part of this program, Mobley contacted WRTV and asked Lauren Casey to come talk with the class about how the local media works and help them with their interviewing skills.

Together the class brainstormed about all the ways we get information in today’s world, including things like Facebook, group chats, Reddit, parents, teachers and more.

The students wrote all these methods on the whiteboard. Then the class scratched out methods that didn’t exist about 50 years ago.

The goal was to highlight how quickly technology is changing and in what years they will likely be faced with several new ways to get information.

The students also discussed the importance of finding credible sources in all that noise.

“Misinformation is definitely something that spreads quickly, especially if it’s passed on to a lot of people,” says rookie Gavin Rothrock.

He joined the class just to try something different, but says he’s learning a lot about communication.

Fellow sophomore Braylie Dickens says she joined the media class to help him pursue his passion for directing and screenwriting.

“There’s so much misinformation on the internet right now and it’s important to have a credible source,” says Dickens.

Mobley says students will be working on the yearbook and other assignments throughout the semester, but in addition to creating media, he wants them to become better consumers of it.

“Bringing that critical lens to the news when you consume news is important so that you can sort of separate the fluff from the facts,” Mobley says.

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