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  • January 24, 2023
  • 2:08 p.m.

If you do computer work, it doesn’t take too long in the trenches before you start wanting to move up the ladder. Cybersecurity has been a fairly reliable market for a few years now, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone reading the latest high-profile data breach.

Now more than ever, businesses need reliable security analysts who can guard against this “worst case” hack, and they can’t rely on word of mouth. They usually want to see the certifications on that resume, and the CompTIA Cyber ​​Security and PenTest Complete 2022 Super Bundle is your first step to getting them.

This e-learning bundle focuses on CompTIA’s top cybersecurity certifications. What you get are six courses taught by iCollege IT educators, each giving you insight into the skills you’ll need on the job – and the questions you’ll face on a different exam.

If you are new to the cybersecurity landscape, you can start by preparing for your Security+ certification. This is where you can see cyber threats from a bird’s eye view, learn how to identify gaps in network security, and build an infrastructure that will minimize leaks.

From there, you can start training for the CASP+ and CySA+ certifications that will make you a true cybersecurity professional. These courses will introduce you to the latest defense techniques and the possibilities (and pitfalls) of new technologies such as blockchain. If you’re aiming for an exciting career as a “white hat” hacker, there’s even a course on CompTIA’s PenTest+ that will give you the tools you need.

All courses are fully up to date with the past year’s exam requirements. There are over 230 hours of training in the full package, and you can get it all for $49.

Prices subject to change.

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