Texas has hired a new wide receiver coach. After going big game hunting, Steve Sarkisian poached an NFL wide receivers coach, Chris Jackson.

Last week, Jackson coached Christian Kirk and company in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Now, the former Jacksonville Jaguars coach is part of the Texas Longhorns staff.

As you can imagine, some have found ways to nitpick the rental. The majority of criticism revolves around Jackson’s lack of experience as a proven recruiter. It’s too early to rate the hiring, but concerns about his ability to recruit are premature.

At his disposal, Jackson has four high-potential receivers for NFL futures. Xavier Digne is the most tested of the group. Worthy is almost guaranteed to be drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft with a strong season this year.

Isaiah Neyor and AD Mitchell each plan to become NFL players Texas can be proud of. Jordan Whittington also has the ability to make an NFL roster.

Here’s a look at how Twitter got the news of Jackson’s hiring.

Seal of approval?

Approved hooks

Jackson background

The time of stability

Hard Nosed Coach

From what we know a great rental

Too early to predict its success

reserve judgment

Chad Johnson


Break down the rental

The story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire

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