Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of modern IT and enterprise service management solutions, announces its Kruger exit, updating the company’s product line with technology integration, feature enhancements and the launch of the Luma mobile app.

Serviceaide’s ITSM and ESM platforms – ChangeGear, Point of Business, and Intelligent Service Management (ISM) – will receive various updates to improve office efficiency, end-user productivity, and rectify service industry challenges and modern support. Challenges such as labor shortages, retention issues and training gaps are targeted by Kruger’s release, improving knowledge cataloging and dissemination, automation of operations, mobility and discovery of IT assets.

“Serviceaide is on a mission to modernize service and support with AI-powered technologies,” said Bill Guinn, Chief Technology Officer at Serviceaide. “The left shift to self-service and automation must be designed for low effort and high success, or end users will abandon the channel. In the meantime, solutions must be reasonably priced and easy to Our Kruger version pursues these important goals.

Serviceaide’s Luma virtual agent will help infer the context of services in an ITSM service catalog, producing an organized cataloged service that meets user needs. Luma can also respond more efficiently to end-user requests, as well as read any catalog of ITSM services outside of Serviceaide solutions.

Serviceaide improves the orchestration of processes across disparate applications, integrating and automating workflows throughout the lifecycle of a service ticket. By enabling scalable and observable automation orchestration, Kruger’s release reduces integration time consumption while providing collaborative and responsive workflows.

The Kruger version additionally provides upgrades to Serviceaide Asset Discovery Expert, including a holistic and accurate asset inventory for cloud and hybrid environments. Supporting Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS, Asset Discovery Expert enables extensive integration combined with simplified credential configuration and discovery profile management.

The new Luma mobile app accompanying the winter version of Serviceaide provides in-depth virtual service and support to users that is as essential as it is highly portable. The app offers barcode and QR code scanning capabilities, location detection to improve identification of service issues, and hands-free interaction capabilities with the app.

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