A 29-year-old woman and mother of a newborn turned to the AITA community on Reddit for moral judgment.

“I asked my mom to help me take care of my newborn baby so I can go back to work when my leave is over,” explained the Redditor who goes by the nickname erika_urrrika. She also added that her mother, who is 64, has been “a housewife/stay-at-home mom since 1992 and has not been in the workforce since then.”

The author saw it as a perfect plan as she was struggling financially, including debts waiting to be covered as well as saving for a bigger apartment when the baby grows up.

However, to Redditor’s surprise, the mother refused to help him raise his baby and now the author is wondering if that’s too big to expect from his mother.

Woman, 29, asks if she was wrong to expect her stay-at-home mom to look after her newborn baby because she has to go back to work

Image credits: Hollie Santos (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Karolina Grabowska (not the actual photo)

Credit: erika_urrrika

Many people thought the author was wrong to expect her mother to take care of her baby.

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