A pregnant woman is angry with her friend for breaking the news. Photo/Getty Images

One of the best parts of being pregnant is being able to share your life-changing news with your friends and family.

Some people choose to announce their news on social media, while others keep their new bundle of joy a secret longer until they’re ready to say the things that matter most to them in person.

But a mother-to-be was left furious after her friend broke the news of her pregnancy on social media without getting her approval.

The mom-to-be was ‘livid’ as she scrolled through Facebook to find a picture of the baby shower invitation with a congratulatory message.


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“My friend announced my pregnancy on social media,” the angry mum posted online.

“There’s nothing I can do now, I’m livid.

“I am due in April and I have only told my close friends and family about it.

“I’m not a social media girl, I want to be away from random high school/college kids and my friend, who I grew up with, went to high school and college with (just like my own followers) has posted my baby shower invitation with a “congratulations”


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“I just need someone to talk to me off a ledge, I feel like she stole all my joy, random people are texting me congratulations and I haven’t told them said. I am so hurt and so P*****.

Readers weighed in on the incident, and many sided with the emotional pregnant mum-to-be.

“I just don’t understand people posting event invites on social media. It’s rude to the hosts, it’s rude to people who weren’t invited, and in this case, it’s rude to the guest of honor.

“I’m sorry OP. I would ask him to take it down,” they added.

A second said: “Ask him to delete it and put a timeout on it. Don’t give her any more information until you can trust that she will respect your privacy.

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