PLDT and Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) work closely with key technology partners to strengthen the group’s cybersecurity and protect customers against cyberattacks.

Recently, PLDT and Smart’s Cybersecurity Operations Group (CSOG) met with vendors and third-party service providers to discuss how to further secure PLDT Group’s intensified cybersecurity campaign.

“The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To eliminate any weaknesses in our value chain, we are working closely with our technology partners to ensure that everyone is on board with our cybersecurity culture,” said Angel Redoble, FVP and Chief Information Security Officer of PLDT and Smart .

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Representatives from over 20 contracted companies attended the event. Third-party vendors play a key role in the PLDT Group’s cybersecurity infrastructure. They provide PLDT and Smart with critical products and services that help the group monitor its assets, warn against attacks, contain threats, secure data and enable companies to deliver innovations that meet customer needs. .

Incident Response

Redoble shared the group’s process for responding to cybersecurity issues and identified where vendors can help contain the threat before it causes disruption. He further stressed the need to act quickly once an alarm has been raised.

“It is important that in two minutes, the incident is contained. We need to have an established process with our suppliers, so that we can respond quickly to cyberattacks and prevent a crisis,” Redoble said.

In 2022, CSOG thwarted over 182 million attacks and attempted breaches against its assets. As PLDT Group embarks on a customer-centric transformation, Redoble stressed that protecting customers is a top priority. He reiterated the group’s commitment to working with its technology partners to help PLDT and Smart deliver meaningful connections and experiences to customers.

PLDT and Smart’s collaborations with key partners to strengthen their digital infrastructure are part of a larger effort to protect customers from threats and attacks.

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