A young entrepreneur from Harrow has received Innovate UK’s Young Innovators awards for developing a mobile app that helps Londoners chart their Tube routes with the cleanest air.

Tanya Beri, from Pinner, is one of 94 young, high-potential innovators who Innovate UK will award a £5,000 grant, one-on-one business coaching and a stipend to cover living costs to take her idea for a business forward. business.

The app, called CAIR London, is due to launch later this year and will help people find their way through London with the cleanest air possible.

Tanya Beri, Founder of CAIR London, said: “We are often told that taking public transport is better for the environment, but the reality is that many London Underground travel routes have high levels of pollution. air. Unfortunately, the vast majority of subway passengers breathe air pollution (PM2.5) that far exceeds the safe limit,”

Pinner woman wins award after developing Harrow Online mobile app

She added: “The London Underground is the heart of London, enabling millions of people every day to travel easily and quickly. However, we also need to be aware of its pollution, so I created CAIR London to help people choose how to travel by choosing the cleanest route.

The UK safe limit for healthy air is less than 25 small particles in one cubic meter of air. However, in some places in the basement it can exceed 200 per cubic meter. Many scientific studies have shown that these particles in the air can penetrate deep into people’s lungs when inhaled and affect people’s organs, including the lungs and heart. Long-term exposure to poor air quality can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory disease and reduced life expectancy.

“I am a born and bred Londoner, and I think it is important that the air quality in the city is improved and that we each take steps to learn about the quality of the air we breathe. With CAIR London, people will be able to quickly and easily map their subway routes and know they are minimizing the pollution they encounter,” Beri concluded.

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