Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company committed to the prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity and other serious chronic diseases, has entered into a new licensing agreement with Howwe Technologies, a provider of workflow software. business. The partnership, which began in 2017, generated a 20x ROI for Novo Nordisk already in 2018. The license agreement will now be extended until 2025.

Thanks to this partnership, Novo Nordisk will be able to leverage Howwe Technologies’ expertise in business execution to further accelerate its work towards the achievement of strategic objectives, as well as develop cross-functional initiatives to support the development of new products and services that can help patients and their health.

Niels Abel Farmer, GM and vice president of Novo Nordiskextends licensing agreement with Howwe Technologies to support company growth and progress toward strategic goals.

“We are excited to continue the partnership with Howwe Technologies,” said Niels Abel FarmerGeneral Manager and Vice President of Novo Nordisk Scandinavia. “Howwe has become a way of working for our employees and has become an integral part of our success. We believe this partnership has the potential to be a game-changer for Novo Nordisk because it helps us maintain a strict focus on our important mission.”

“We are pleased to announce the new global agreement and extended collaboration,” said Ulf Arnetz, CEO and Founder of Howwe Technologies. “Howwe enriches the way employees and teams come together to create alignment and drive better business outcomes for Novo Nordisk. We are confident that Howwe will support Novo Nordisk to achieve results that will have a lasting impact for both the company and its patients.”

Katarina Bennich

Marketing Director

Howe Technologies AB (publish) is a stockholminternational SaaS company targeting large organizations. Its Howwe® SaaS application is a proactive tool that helps them execute their strategies better and faster by visualizing, driving and measuring real-time business and strategy acceleration across the organization. Howwe helps clients create provable and measurable financial results,c3703133–mg-of-novo-nordisk-signs-license-agreement-for-howwe,c3137289

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