The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) reports that the number of mobile internet subscribers in the country grew to 154.28 million in December 2022, a 37% increase in eight years.

The commission said so in a recent update of industry statistics posted on its website.

Of the total figure, mobile (GSM) accounted for 154.27 million subscribers – leaving fixed wire and VoIP for the remaining subscribers.

According to NCC data, the total number of active mobile internet subscribers increased to 154.28 million at the end of December 2022, from 97.03 million. recorded in December 2015.

By implication, this means that the country’s mobile internet subscribers have grown by 57.24 million over the past eight years.

During the period under review, analysis by cable index showed that all mobile networks saw an increase in Internet subscriptions – except 9mobile.

MTN Nigeria internet subscribers increased by 25.69 million from 39.92 million in December 2022 to 65.61 million in December 2022.

Airtel and Globacom subscribers increased by 24.33 million and 17.96 million respectively.

9mobile, on the other hand, lost 10.75 internet subscribers from 15.18 million in December 2015 to 4.43 million in December 2022.

NCC industry data also showed that the telecommunications industry’s contribution to GDP increased from 8.50% in 2015 to 12.85% in the third quarter of 2022.

He added that the country’s teledensity has also increased from 107.87% in December 2015 to 116.60% in December 2022.

Teledensity is calculated by the number of fixed (landline) telephone connections per 100 people in a specific geographic area, based on an estimated population of 190 million.

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