POLICE are out in force in Gloucestershire to check the speed of motorists.

Officers will be stationed at various locations with mobile speed cameras at various times.

However, be aware that agents will also be at other locations not listed.

January Priority Site Locations

It is expected that each of the following places will be visited at least once a week during the month of January:

  • A4173 near St Peters School – 30 mph
  • Old Station Way, Coleford – 30 mph
  • Stoke Road, Stoke Orchard – 30mph
  • Bath Road, Frocester – 30 mph
  • A417 Lower Nettleton – 40mph

December priority site detections

Last month, hundreds of motorists violated speed limits across the county.

Gloucestershire County Council has revealed how many motorists were caught speeding at priority site detection points last month.

  • Heron Way – 30mph – 13 motorists caught speeding – as 4 other violations were reported
  • A417 Gloucester Road Course – 30mph – 100 motorists caught speeding – as 6 other breaches reported
  • M5 Northbound Stoke Orchard (in Road Works) – 50mph – 753 motorists caught speeding. No other violations were reported
  • A4019 Uckington – 50mph – 7 motorists caught speeding – as another violation reported
  • A417 Burford Road – 70mph. No motorist was caught going over the speed limit.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire County Council said: ‘The Mobile Camera Control Unit is committed to reducing the risk to road users caused by vehicles traveling at excessive speeds.

“Mobile speed detection vans operate at more than 80 sites across the county and prioritize site activity by reviewing speed and crash data, including intelligence received from communities.

“In an effort to reduce speeding in areas of the county, priority sites will be announced monthly.

“Visits to the other sites will continue but the focus will be on the announced locations.”

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