TOWNSHIP OF ASHTABULA – Pet Supplies Plus and Tractor Supply packed with furry friends last weekend during the county auditor’s annual mobile dog license sales.

Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas and Office Manager Sue Belden brought their mobile dog license table to both stores, selling a total of 64 permits and raising over $800.

“We want to thank Pet Supplies Plus and Tractor Supplies and all the people who came out to legalize their puppy,” Thomas said. “Many visitors have told us of their appreciation for making this process more convenient.”

Dog owners could buy their precious puppies one-year-old, three-year-old, or lifetime tags.

Many shoppers brought their dogs, a welcome sight at pet-friendly stores. Thomas selected the time of the tractor supply to coincide with the presence of the veterinarian.

“We saw a good number of people who came specifically for our sale and then others who happened to be in both stores and decided to purchase a license,” Thomas said.

All dogs three months or older must register or renew their license annually between December 1 and January 31. The licenses alert the dog sitter to the official ownership and contact details of the owner if a dog gets lost or a problem arises. This fee helps cover accommodation costs and funds for dog sitters.

Licenses cost $12 for a one-year tag, $36 for a three-year tag, and $120 for a lifetime tag. Thomas explained that the Verifier’s Office offers several ways to purchase a license online, at the Verifier’s Office, by mail, or from one of nine community registrars: Conneaut Library, Ashtabula City and Jefferson License Bureaux, Pleasant Animal Hospital , Edgewood Veterinary Hospital, Kray Feed, the APL, Caliber Feed & Supply and the Western Reserve Animal Clinic.

The Auditor’s Office has sold nearly 7,000 licenses so far in the season, with another week to go before the increase in licenses after Jan. 31.

“We’re behind where we were last year at this point, I believe, partly because of higher inflation and more economic hardship,” he said. “We will continue to do more public outreach and education to make this more convenient and better.”

In addition to continuing mobile selling this year, the Office of the Auditor also has many local registrars including

Dog owners are reminded that dog license fees increase after January 31. Newly acquired puppies and dogs are eligible for the regular and lower license fee of $12 throughout the year.

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