NEW YORK, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Method Media Intelligence, Inc. “MMI”, a New York developer of ad measurement and analytics SaaS offerings, has developed and released an innovative approach to meet the growing demand for deterministic quality checks in the CTV ecosystem. Leveraging over 2 years of advertising business, proprietary technology and innovative data science, the MMI technology extension, called MAP-ACT, provides guidance on how key partners can navigate the messy landscape of CTV measurement. MAP-ACT facilitates confident investment decisions and future-proofs any development in the advanced television market.

“We are excited to kick off 2023 by announcing MAP-ACT, a long-term privacy measurement and verification solution for CTV/OTT advertisements. The previous two years of increased streaming activity have naturally provided us with a rich set of data to study in depth. . I am immensely proud of what our diligent team has created after persistent cycles of reviewing otherwise undervalued datasets,” says Founder and CEO, Shailin Dhar.

The industry has seen waves of new SaaS and packaged services, often sold as technical panaceas. In reality, there is no fully automated technical solution to the data transparency issues faced by advertisers who spend on CTV. What is needed is a more comprehensive and realistic approach. One that (i) uses the natural by-products of available technology, (ii) uses flexible persistent analytics that are automatically updated and “freshly prepared daily”, and (iii) leverages additional datasets from partners of the CTV market.

The MAP refers to the three-pronged approach of combining impact measurement, analysis and partnerships. ACT refers to both the application in Advanced & Connected Television and the Anti-Counterfeit Tactic approach in this semi-automated analysis model. The ACT model uses transactional verification examination at the four relevant levels: event, entity, volume and value. This semi-automated detection of infringing ad requests has been shown to reduce exposure to ad waste by 35% in direct purchases and 60% in programmatic purchases.

MMI’s MAP-ACT monitors each “advertising event” and their associated datasets. Any individual advertising event that does not meet the basic requirements is flagged as suspicious. “In this environment, data signals are just as important as bots,” says CEO Shailin Dhar. “CTV ads are not affected by bots, but by forged server-to-server requests that currently have no quality monitoring. Approaches used by 1st gen verification providers do not translate successfully in streaming environments.We used a natural by-product from our core technology and based on provided signals.Telemetry from hardware and operating system signals, plus additional data , allows us to provide transparency to our customers, and we can do this at different levels: at the level of the advertising event itself, for supply path assessments, or additional analyzes based on volumes. or values ​​associated with customer spending.”

This new offering showcases MMI’s continuous device-centric measurement approach that is not only privacy-safe, but also IT-efficient and immediately available to select customers.

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