Launched last week by former Telemundo top executive Marcos Santana, Mas Ros Media, a groundbreaking new venture targeting gaming, esports and sustainability, has unveiled a first title: “The New Game” Banner Series.

An eight-part scripted series in Spanish, “The New Game” is created by Santana himself and Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes, founder and director of FireSports, the #2 esports company in Latin America and #3 in Spain, in which Mas Ros took a stake.

Presented by Santana as an action drama, “The New Game” revolves around an upper-middle-class family, father, mother and three children, the eldest, Isa, a college freshman studying for a degree in medicine, Ralph, a high school student who spends half of his free time playing a video game; and Federico, barely nine years old, whose hero is Ralph.

The action begins with Ralph’s dad coming home to find him in the middle of a big game and ripping the cables out of his computer, disconnecting his team and an entire tournament. Ralph is hospitalized by his parents, on the advice of Dr. Chirinos, a very old school psychiatrist.

And that’s just the first four-minute set-up. Even its first stretches as they are currently imagined by Santana and Figueroa Reyes say a lot about “The New Game”.

In keeping with the propulsive, plot-driven style of American drama, “the series will be packed with action, never-before-seen visual effects, and a story that will keep young and old alike hooked from start to finish.” “, a presentation promises.

“The direction, the photography, as a production design, is very close to ‘Euphoria,’ but seen from a Latin point of view,” Santana said.

“We’re not trying to copy anyone, much less deliver an ‘Anglo’ story,” Santana said. “But we want to get closer to the rhythm and the artistic quality of a lot of American series. My goal has always been – and the industry knows it – to always raise the artistic quality of each project.

Yet the drama also marks a play for Latino audiences. It is set in the Spanish-speaking world and will be filmed between Spain, Miami and Mexico, Santana said. The family lives in Barcelona; the mother is a Mexican fashion designer who is launching a line of recyclable clothing; but Ralph’s first video game competes in a big tournament with the best teams in Mexico.

Now in advanced development, “The New Game” also revolves around two issues that are at the center of much Latin entertainment: romance and family dynamics.

Online, the tournament will allow the public to briefly see members of other teams play from their rooms, which will lead to different love stories, action dramas and intrigues.

Isa, as shown around the fifth minute of Episode 1, rushes to medical school only to find her tutor is Thomas, a fourth-year student she has fallen madly in love with. He is described as “very handsome, a tall, dark-haired man with a large half-Rastafarian afro robe”, which may or may not suit his parents.

Announcing Mas Ros Media, Santana said it would target the gaming and esports communities, as well as their families and friends.

In that sense, “The New Game” is “the most representative” of Mas Ros Media’s early titles in that it includes “the general public and gamers,” Santana said. The variety.

It cuts several ways. For the uninitiated, the opening scene catches Ralph playing Valorant from Riot Games, the hugely popular shooter, where he holds the rank of Immortal 3 and is about to ascend to Radiant, the highest level. of the game. As Ralph performs in the first scene, footage from the game is intercut here, demonstrating his extraordinary ability.

Character emotions will sometimes be rendered through design as if they were in the middle of a video game, Santana said.

Representing the parent-offspring demographic gap separating Spain and Latin America, like the rest of the world, in what is perhaps its greatest departure, “The New Game” also clearly sides with the gaming world, showing how misunderstood it is by an older generation, Santana acknowledged.

Confronted by Ralph, his father accuses him of “wasting his life, his future, with these little games” and of being sick, useless and maladjusted. Isa discovers that Thomas, the university’s No. 1 student, is also a professional gamer, which helps him understand the huge injustice his parents are doing with Ralph.

“The New Game” is one of 16 titles currently in development at Mas Ros Media, ranging from 6-8 episode fiction series to documentaries, reality shows and movies. The series will vary in length depending on the subject, Santana said. In general, with the series, none will exceed 10 episodes.

Other series are being written – “The Future”, “Super Natural”, “Hipotalmo” – with 10 more in development, Santana added.

Marcos Santana and Rodrigo Figueroa
Courtesy of Mas Ros Media

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