The internet is full of encouraging stories that never fail to make us smile. There are so many stories that even go viral. Recently, a story that caught the attention of many people online is that of a man with Down syndrome who finally got his wish to drive with his nephew.

In a video shared by Instagram user @erinadvocates, he explains that his brother, who has Down syndrome, always wanted to drive a car but wasn’t allowed to. So when he bought a lawn mower, his goal became to give his nephew a ride. In the caption of the post, @erinadvocates wrote: “Also adorable is the fact that when one of the first things he wanted to do with his nephew during our visit was to drive him around on his lawnmower. Little long after we arrived at his house, we didn’t know where Matt was and looked everywhere, only to find him sitting on the lawnmower, just waiting for him to take his nephew.”

Take a look at the video here:

This video was shared two days ago. Since it was uploaded, it has been liked 26,000 times and received several comments.

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One person in Instagram’s comments section said, “It just shows how kind and considerate Matt really is. His goal wasn’t just to be able to drive, but to be able to give his nephew a ride.” A second person added, “I’m crying it’s so beautiful!!!!” “Even with that, he’s SO sweet and caring, putting his nephew’s comfort first (though he’s brimming with excitement inside!),” a third said.

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