The internet has been stirred by an adult content creator known as Lacey Amour. She is the hottest topic on the internet right now. During this time, all the media speak only of her. But why? A recent incident captured the public’s attention. Additionally, a video of the incident also went viral on the internet. The clip is making the rounds on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter with the title “Lacey Amour Travelodge Video Twitter” Drag down the page and find out more details on this hot topic. Follow more updates on PKBNews

Lacey Love Travelodge Video

Lacey Love Travelodge Video

First, let us introduce you to Lacey Amour, a 23-year-old porn star who was previously in controversy for filming near the Eiffel Tower. The adult content creator was sued for filming near the Eiffel Tower. However, there is not much difference between his previous and current controversies. The two are quite identical. How? Let’s explore this further. Skip to the next section and read what Lacey Amour has been up to lately.

This time, Lacey Amour is accused of shooting X-rated movies in a Travelodge. According to reports, Lacey Amour and 27 other people went to the hotel in Newcastle to shoot an X-rated movie. But it was done without permission. Hotel management alleged that they were unaware. Neither has anyone asked permission for this. That’s why 23-year-old Lacey Amour is making headlines. In the meantime, she has become a center of attraction. Recently, Lacey Amour revealed the earnings of her X- and OnlyF-rated films. Please scroll down and read what Lacey Amour said about OnlyF model earnings.

She said people think they can set up OnlyF and generate five figures overnight, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Lacey Amour further stated that an average model only earns around £120 per month. She added, “There are 1.2 million creators on OnlyF and the average creator earns $150 (USD) per month. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a big account with a decent salary and even then it’s not guaranteed. According to Lacey, making money on OnlyF isn’t as easy as people think. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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