Israel has the best internet access in the world, according to a new study comparing price and speed across 117 countries.

Singapore came second, followed by Denmark, France and Australia. The United States was ranked eighth.

At the bottom of the list was Yemen, followed by Zimbabwe, Uganda and Cameroon.

The Global Internet Value Index was produced by researchers from Surfshark, a Dutch VPN (virtual private network) company, based on the speed/accessibility ratios of fixed broadband internet and mobile internet.

Their calculations put Israel nine times ahead of the world average and 200 times better than the lowest-ranked Yemen.

A home internet plan (15 MB plus Internet infrastructure services) in Israel usually costs $30 per month.

“Even economically rich countries with relatively fast internet can overpay compared to others around the world,” said Agneska Sablovskaja, principal researcher at Surfshark.

“However, some countries may have slower internet but also pay a considerably lower price, which is then considered fair.”

Last September, Israel was also ranked number one in the world for digital quality of life – an overall measure of internet quality, price, infrastructure and security, in another study by the same company.

He found that the cost of 1 GB of mobile Internet in Israel was equivalent to just five seconds of work per month, 58 times less than in the United States.

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