Electronic invoices are digital documents which are useful in tracking the interstate movement of commercial goods in India. A GST-registered business can generate electronic freight invoices using several methods:

  • By using web based installation i.e. by visiting their official website: https://ewaybill.nic.in/

  • Using the Android application launched by Goods and Services Tax Suvidha Provider

However, a third method also becomes effective in emergencies during business operations. Here we are talking about connecting electronically using a mobile SMS feature – a service that helps GST-registered traders in times of emergency.

How to launch the E-Way Bill SMS service on mobile?

If you are a business owner with successful GST registration, you need to follow some basic steps to access e-way invoices using your mobile phone:

Another window on your mobile device appears, partially displaying the company-registered phone number. Here you get the option – ‘Send OTP’. Click on this option to receive the unique code by SMS. Now carefully enter the OTP in the empty field provided below.

Note: The Mobile e-Bill login process cannot be completed for users who have not yet associated their phone number with a GSTIN.

After accessing the OTP, a new screen appears showing all account details from where you can download your invoice or request the invoice via SMS.

A list of all accounts is displayed for companies that have registered multiple accounts with one phone number. You need to identify the unique user ID of the account you wish to access and click on the “Submit” option.

How to generate/cancel E-Way invoices using a mobile?

The Indian Ministry of Finance has introduced several SMS codes which you must use to transmit e-Invoice generation or cancellation requests. For your convenience, we have listed these codes and their associated instructions to ensure that you avoid any errors when submitting an application.

Electronic billing SMS codes



Invoice generation request (supplier copy)


Invoice generation request (carrier copy)


Update vehicle details


E-way invoice cancellation request

To perform the desired function, you must enter the correct information in the format: (e-way bill code_info) and send a message to 77382 99899. Once the SMS reaches its intended destination, you will get a response from the authorities. Check the details to continue. In the sections to come, you will learn how the generation of invoices for carriers and suppliers works.

What steps do you need to follow as a carrier or supplier to generate E-Way invoices?

Carriers can now get e-way invoices by texting 7738299899.

The correct format for entering a message would be:

EWBT transportation_typecarrier/supplier_GSTIN consignee_GSTIN delivery_pin_code invoice_number date_invoice total_amount HSN code approximate_distance vehicle_number

Please note that you do not need to place an underscore when entering details. We have used them to make it easier for you to understand.

Let’s understand with an example. Suppose Shree Shyam Transport from Mumbai wishes to deliver goods worth Rs. 2 Lakhs to Mr. Gowda in Bangalore by road covering an approximate distance of 950 kilometers. The transport vehicle has the number MH 01 PO 1255, while the HSN code assigned to the package is 6786. Also, let’s assume that the invoice number is 2119 and the invoice issue date is December 1, 2022.

Then commercial carrier Shree Shyam Transport will send the following draft SMS to e-way billing authorities: EWBT SST08BAPPB9667L1ZW 29AAEPM1443K1ZP 560025 2119 01/12/2022 200000.00 6786950MH01PO1255.

As you have correctly entered all the requested information, a message notification will be quickly sent to the same mobile number. It confirms that the connection to the electronic invoice was successful. Additionally, it lists the following information:

However, there are exceptional cases where you can only benefit from an electronic invoice via the web portal. For example, you cannot depend on the SMS feature when you are dealing with oversize cargo or charge on shipment scenario.

How to cancel an E-Way invoice by SMS?

Unless a GST officer verifies an electronic invoice, the invoice generator may cancel its issuance within the first 24 hours of its generation. Like the invoice generation requests, the cancellation operation is also executed according to a defined syntax.

The cancellation request format is EWBC EWB_NO. For example, suppose you have generated an invoice with number 160059990192. Then you need to send EWBC 160059990192 to mobile number 7738299899 to invalidate the invoice. Once the cancellation is successful, you will receive an instant confirmation via SMS to your registered GSTIN phone number.

Support for electronic invoices via mobile is beneficial for small and medium business owners. Plus, it helps vendors and carriers who aren’t yet ready to invest in expensive technology setup required for foolproof web access. Therefore, follow the above steps carefully to execute e-invoice login and execute invoice generation or cancellation efficiently.

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