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The coveted and symbolic blue tick of social media has become increasingly important for entrepreneurs. That little blue tick gives you instant credibility and massive authority in your space.

Becoming a verified public figure can dramatically change your business by opening doors and opportunities that were previously inaccessible. A verified profile will help you expand your network, ensure your DMs are opened by other public figures and celebrities, establish yourself as a trustworthy brand, and grow your audience. However, despite the misconceptions, you can’t buy it — well, unless it’s Twitter.

I have been verified for over eight years and have helped many entrepreneurs get verified. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen a lot of people get turned down because they’re looking for shortcuts and quick fixes. Verification is a privilege you must earn.

Your brand identity is central to the verification process. If you want to be a public figure, you have to present yourself as such. If you don’t have a brand identity worthy of verification, invest in the process now. This will provide ROI well beyond the verification process. Implementing these strategies can help you create a brand identity that captures attention and leads to social media verification.

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Secure professional photos

Every public figure should do a high-quality, professional photo shoot, regardless of their industry. High quality photos and lifestyle imagery that you can use for content gives you a distinct advantage over your competition because brand identity is visual. A headshot or profile picture is often the first visual impression someone has of you and your brand online.

Invest in a photographer who specializes in editorial photography to ensure you can use your images for social media content and in media publications. If your business is product-based, be sure to capture images of your product in action. Plus, professional photography can boost your chances of getting media coverage.

Manage your e-reputation

Next, focus on establishing an aesthetic brand identity across all channels. How you present yourself is how others will see you, so being mindful when building a brand identity is essential. Profile photos should be professional. Whether you use your photo or your brand logo, they should represent who you are and what you do. Your biography should clearly explain why you are remarkable and include your website or brand tagline.

Once you’ve established your profile pictures and bios, it’s time to take inventory of your content. Archive or delete any content that will prevent your verification. Delete any comments or posts that are unprofessional or don’t represent you in your best light. If your content or comments violate community guidelines or are susceptible to censorship, this will also prevent verification.

Aligning social media content with a brand identity can help an entrepreneur build credibility and authority on a given topic or niche because it brings value to their audience. Online reputation management can also help you reach a better target audience and quality of users and, therefore, secure better opportunities to achieve your business goals.

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press coverage

One of the biggest misconceptions is that all press is good and you can grow it over time. This is an outdated belief in general, but especially when it comes to verification. You need the media and the general public to talk about you. Therefore, media coverage should be current, relevant and from reputable and leading media.

There are many types of media and news coverage, but you need your name and photo in very reputable and “big” publications and outlets to be considered in the verification process. Getting this kind of media coverage from respected outlets provides the third-party validation you need to establish your credibility and nurture your brand identity. To maximize the benefits of this media coverage, focus your efforts on posts in your specific niche or industry.

You can get featured in these top publications in different ways. A great place to start is by introducing yourself to media contacts, submitting thought leadership articles, or sending pitches with high-quality images of yourself and your business. If you’re having trouble getting to larger print publications, targeting niche podcasts, radio stations, and local media outlets can help you get the traction you need to secure coverage in more sought-after outlets.

Remember that regardless of the publication or outlet, you need to provide value to the outlet’s audience to ensure coverage. Have a good story, be vulnerable, and share actionable insights for others to learn from.

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Hire a public figure coach

Hiring a coach can be one of the most important things you can do for your business. The most successful celebrities and CEOs all have coaches and mentors they rely on. A public persona coach specializes in all aspects of your public persona across all channels, platforms, and mediums.

Working with a public figure coach gives you a competitive edge in navigating the verification process from building your social network, turning your followers into customers, and building the brand and brand awareness you need. you need to be verified. Additionally, a public persona coach can help you leverage your verified status to generate business and networking opportunities that will drive your brand and revenue growth.

From building your brand to creating value and authentication as a unique product, social media verification is key to unlocking endless opportunities that can help you succeed in your endeavors. If you include these steps in your strategy to become verified, you will see results. It may not happen overnight, but implementing these guidelines will help boost your profile and build a customer base that interacts with your business online and offline.

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