JS Held’s Foundations for Preventing & Mitigating Cyber-Attacks & Damages article focuses on the professional expertise, processes and technologies needed to mitigate the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks and resulting business disruptions.

JERICHO, NY, January 24, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — JS Held, a global advisory firm providing technical, scientific and financial expertise on all assets and value-at-risk, today announced the publication of an article focused on cybersecurity and Business Interruptions: Fundamentals of Prevention and Mitigation .

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly interconnected, the ever-present threat of cyberattacks is a top concern for leaders at all levels. Information is now one of the most valuable intangible assets in the world, while simultaneously occupying the position of one of the most vulnerable assets on the planet.

Given this dynamic climate, “addressing cybersecurity threats and business interruption risk has never been more important to risk management and organizational success,” notes the senior managing director. and JS Held Cyber ​​Security & Investigations Team Leader, Ron J. Yearwood Jr. “No matter the size of an organization, a cyberattack can be extremely costly and detrimental to the longevity of the business,” adds Yearwood.

“An effective response to a cyber incident includes preparation for the implementation of technical measures, as well as financial preparation and planning,” notes Jessica Eldridge, Vice President and Cyber ​​Practice Director in JS Held’s Forensic Practice – Insurance Services. Ms Eldridge adds that “mitigating the potential financial impact of a breach includes understanding the financial impacts of a breach, insurance coverage and timelines, as well as internal issues including payroll and waiting periods, to name a few”.

Although the dichotomy of the current situation seems dire, this is the first time that the tools and resources are available in the volume, understanding and variety needed to meet the challenge and reduce cyber risk. In this article, experts in cybersecurity, forensic accounting and intellectual property discuss topics covering:

  • Foundations for preventing and mitigating cyberattacks and damage

  • The cyber insurance landscape and the rise in claims

  • The right cyberculture

  • Planning and preparing effective cybersecurity programs

  • Protect and defend networks, information and trade secrets

  • Incident detection and response

  • Recovery operations

To learn more, download the Cyber ​​Security & Business Interruption article here: https://jsheld.com/insights/articles/cyber-security-business-interruption-foundations-for-prevention-and-mitigation or contact Jessica Eldridge at jeldridge@jsheld.com or Ron J. Yearwood Jr. to ron.yearwood@jsheld.com. The authors thank Robert McSorleyManaging Director, Ocean Tomo, part of JS Held, for his knowledge and expertise which greatly contributed to this research.

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