Snap Inc., the Santa Monica-based company behind Snapchat, is being investigated by federal authorities over possible use of the social media platform to sell fentanyl-containing pills.

According to Bloomberg’s report, FBI agents and US Justice Department lawyers are focusing on fentanyl poisoning cases in which drug sales were staged on the Snapchat platform. The investigation includes interviews with parents of children who died from overdoses, and investigators are

trying to access victims’ social media accounts to identify drug suppliers.

Federal authorities declined to comment publicly, but Bloomberg cited sources who said Snapchat records obtained through subpoenas showed teens using the platform believed they were buying prescription pills, but what they received were either drugs containing fentanyl or pure fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid. .

The company says it has made significant operational improvements to detect and remove drug dealers from the platform and works closely with law enforcement and other groups to raise awareness of drug issues, fentanyl and counterfeit pills.

Snap representatives released the following statement, saying the company is “committed to doing its part to address the national fentanyl poisoning crisis, which includes using cutting-edge technology to help us help”.

proactively find and close the accounts of drug dealers. »

“We’re blocking search results for drug-related terms, redirecting Snapchatters to expert resources on the dangers of fentanyl,” the rep said. “We are continually expanding our support for law enforcement

investigations, helping them bring dealers to justice, and we work closely with experts to share dealer business patterns across platforms to identify and stop illegal behavior faster. We will continue to do everything we can to fight this outbreak, including working with other technology companies, public health agencies, law enforcement, families and nonprofits.”

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