After aerial bombings, the fastest way to destroy housing is through rent control. Yet that is what would happen if 50 congressional Democrats got their wish. In a recent letter to President Biden, they urged him “to pursue all possible strategies to end corporate price escalation in the real estate sector and to ensure that renters and homeless people across the country are stably housed this winter”.

Although they didn’t use the words “rent control,” that’s the essence of what they’re asking for: federal rent control.

California representatives signing the letter included Representative Katie Porter of Orange County, currently a candidate for the US Senate, who has a knack for supporting the worst legislation; Nanette Barragán of the South Bay; Judy Chu of the San Gabriel Valley; Silicon Valley’s Ro Khanna; Barbara Lee of Oakland, who is also expected to run for the Senate; and Mark Takano of Riverside.

California already has rent control through Assembly Bill 1482, the California Tenant Protection Act of 2019. It caps annual rent increases at no more than 5%, plus the increase in the rate of inflation local (the consumer price index), with a maximum of 10%.

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