In the new season of Fauda on Netflix (season 4), we see the main character (Doron, played by Lior Raz) feeling a combination of guilt over the death of his teammate last season, more anger and frustration from being fired from his unit. In an attempt to cheer him up, his captain (Gabi Ayub, played by Itzik Cohen) enlists him for a light security mission in Brussels. Things quickly go awry and Doron comes face to face with a sophisticated terrorist cell, taking the team on an extremely dangerous mission from Brussels to Lebanon.

Ok so no more spoilers. If you haven’t watched Season 4, Episode 4 yet, maybe check back to this post later.

Let’s watch the following scene from Fauda Season 4, Episode 4:

In the scene, the team is seen discussing a possible assassination or kidnapping of Gabi, which could leave the organization vulnerable. He could have been tortured to the point of giving sensitive information or passwords and then murdered or left until they could get more information from him if needed. We see the team discussing all the evidence at hand, and at the end they go through their Ermetic dashboards and confirm that there was no cloud breach. For the moment.

How realistic is this scenario?

Governments have protocols for protecting sensitive information at all levels – from screening employees and granting security clearance at various levels to creating contingency plans in the event of kidnapping or death of employees. a person who knows passwords or other sensitive information.

In fact, the “identities” that the military and other government agencies must constantly protect are their real people, just as they and other ordinary businesses and organizations protect human identities and mechanics in the cloud. In both scenarios, gaining and maintaining least-privilege access is critical.

If Gabi’s password had been compromised or if he (or someone impersonating him) had logged in from an unusual location, a good security solution would have flagged the activity as suspicious. It would have detected any unauthorized or abnormal activity and sent notifications.

So… was Gabi kidnapped? Murdered? Is he a double agent?

You’ll have to watch Fauda, ​​season 4 to find out… and catch the other Ermetic references in episodes 2 and 7.

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