Bids for the Enterprise City Hall renovation project will be taken on February 9, bringing the facelift of the building opened in 1968 closer to reality, according to Enterprise City engineer and director of public works Barry Mott.

“Once we have a contractor in place, we’ll have a better idea of ​​a construction schedule,” Mott said. The renovation project is expected to last up to two years.

At Tuesday’s town council meeting, Seay, Seay and Litchfield architect Raleigh Price presented the plans which include moving the engineering, tourism and main street offices from the basement to the ground floor. floor and the renovation of the entire basement to house the city’s police department. . The police department will have a designated public entrance at the rear of the building, Price said. The administrative offices of the EPD will remain at the upper level.

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Price said the goal is to allow various city departments to continue to operate in the City Hall building during its renovation. Renovating the police department downstairs is the first phase of the project, followed by civil service offices and then administrative offices, he said.

The renovations will include updating the HVAC and electrical systems, both of which are the original installations from 1968. The roof of the building will be redone, the facade of the building will have two clear entry points and all office space public will be easily accessible from the central lobby, Price said. The administrative offices will be located behind the civil service offices.

The renovations include a community conference room space off the lobby. “New equipment that currently doesn’t exist,” Price said. The current council chamber will become a full municipal courtroom with enhanced security features, he said.

The next meeting of the Enterprise City Council will take place on February 7 in the council chamber of Enterprise City Hall. A work session begins at 5 p.m. A voting session begins at 6 p.m. Both sessions are open to the public.

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