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  • Many countries celebrate Data Privacy Day. This year, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is marking the occasion with a week-long campaign.
  • Canada’s campaign includes videos on social media privacy, online games to help you protect data, and a privacy day on January 27.
  • Big companies, including Apple and Meta, engage consumers on privacy settings and tools to protect their data.
  • A campaign by Apple stars Ted Lasso actor Nick Mohemmed goes through an ordinary day while using iPhone privacy features.

Since 1981, countries around the world have celebrated Data Privacy Day in recognition of the treaty protecting the right to privacy. The treaty enshrines respect for privacy and data protection for everyone at a time when personal computing is taking off.

Today, 42 years later, personal data and privacy have evolved with the rise of social media platforms and mobile devices.

In a statement celebrating Data Protection Week, Philippe Dufresne, Privacy Commissioner of Canada, reinforced the original objectives of the original treaty. “Privacy is a fundamental right that we shouldn’t have to give up in the name of innovation or profit,” Dufresne said.

Digital privacy and consumer protection are more challenging today than in recent years due to the rise of social media, location tracking, email marketing, and mobile app tracking.

But, as Dufresne put it, “When individuals have confidence that their rights will be protected, they feel confident to participate freely in the digital economy without having to choose between that participation and their fundamental privacy rights.”

Meta and Apple are considering individual rights with campaigns showcasing their privacy work.

Meta, the parent company of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, has released its third annual privacy progress update, which outlines safeguards, teams and policies within the company designed to help consumers. . Additionally, the update notes that the company is “proactively reducing the amount of user data we collect and use,” which is a big concern following recent data breaches and scandals.

Meta also encourages its users to focus on privacy with settings verification and end-to-end encryption where applicable. After the company came under fire for targeting teens on its apps, Meta announced new, updated policies to protect teens, their data and their privacy online.

Apple focused its commitment to privacy on the iPhone with a campaign featuring actor Nick Mohammed and real-life Apple technology from the downtown Los Angeles store.

The five-and-a-half-minute video focuses on four security features unique to Apple’s iPhone:

  • Email privacy protection.
  • Stop cross-site tracking.
  • Prevent app-to-app tracking
  • How Apple Pay does not store personal information.

The video builds on the educational resources that Apple provides to its users. Apple Stores will offer Today at Apple sessions on individual privacy preferences tailored to each user’s needs. (Currently, these sessions are only available in the United States, but the features are available on all iPhone devices.)

Apple has been very outspoken about its privacy features in recent years. Therefore, the security features of Apple devices are a major selling point for enterprise users.

As you celebrate Data Privacy Week, remember that your data and information deserves protection every day of the year. These resources are available anytime and can protect you from scams and identity theft.

Stay safe there.

For more details on protecting your privacy, information and data online, see the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s website tools for individuals and their video on social media privacy.

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