NEW YORK, January 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dash Hudson is pleased to announce the launch of Campaignsan intuitive cross-channel social commerce reporting tool that simplifies ROI measurement.

With its new Google Analytics integration, Campaigns enables marketers to get an accurate representation of global campaign results, providing aggregated insights into owned, acquired and created media to clearly demonstrate cross-channel performance.

Today, on social media, consumers participate in niche subcultures through a wider variety of channels. This allows them to discover content, creators, communities –– and ultimately, products –– that match their interests and needs,” said Mary France, Vice President of Strategy at Dash Hudson. “In this multi-channel reality, it has become critical for brands to diversify their efforts to maximize return on investment. As such, a tool like Campaigns is needed to simplify the measurement of these increasingly robust strategies.

In a recent study of 2,700 brand-led campaigns, Dash Hudson highlighted the importance of marketing its latest innovation. The study found that cross-channel campaigns outperform single-channel campaigns in terms of engagement rate, total engagements and impressions –– with metrics increasing with the addition of each new channel. Despite the proven value of a multi-channel approach, measuring the performance of such initiatives has proven difficult for marketers.

Between pulling numbers and formatting, our old monthly reports took the whole team a week to get ready. Campaigns make it instant. We reduced our reporting time from a week to a day, thanks to Dash Hudson.— Rémi Ipekci, Global Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media at Stella McCartney

With campaigns, social media teams can:

Understanding Performance: Easily identify the content types, creators, channels and formats in a campaign that are generating the most revenue. In a simplified view, brands can seamlessly analyze key insights, determine which content and partnerships are performing well, and use this data to optimize future campaigns accordingly.

Discover the return on investment: With its integration with Google Analytics, brands can easily assess which campaigns and channels are driving website traffic to better understand the impact of your campaigns on results.

Win time: Manual campaign media segmentation can take valuable time to develop good strategies and creativity. Brands can now instantly report on the performance of a cross-channel social media campaign and easily share the report within their organization with just a few clicks.

Discover the power of campaigns by trying for free interactive demo today.

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