Already a leader in Malaysia’s booming cloud services and solutions industry when it was acquired by Time dotCom, one of the region’s largest fixed communications companies in 2021, AVM Cloud recently became one of the select groups of vendors that offer VMware Cloud Verified services to earn the VMware Sovereign Cloud distinction.

Originally known as Integrated Global Solutions Technologies, AVM Cloud has had a long relationship with VMware since 2010.

David Chan, CEO, AVM Cloud

AVM cloud

AVM Cloud CEO David Chan says, “Being named VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Vendor of the Year for FY2018 reflects our commitment to providing customers with choices that enable them to optimize their unique cloud journey and in many ways our decision to pursue and earn the VMware Sovereign Cloud distinction is a natural progression of that effort.Now our customers can choose to have their data securely stored, maintained and protected by Malaysian citizens in Malaysian territory.

Chan notes that AVM Cloud’s commitment to providing businesses with choice is evident in the depth and breadth of the company’s portfolio. This includes not only its hybrid cloud products, but also the private AVM cloud offered in multi-tenant and dedicated versions, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service, the Fusion backup solution to the cloud of the company and AVM. Cloud-In-A-Box – an out-of-the-box offering that allows organizations to deploy a private cloud with robust security features on-premises or in a co-located data center.

Notably, AVM Cloud also offers a number of custom cloud solutions. This includes an ever-growing portfolio of cloud-native applications based on VMware Tanzu.

Chan says AVM Cloud’s top priority in gaining status was being able to support all of the customer’s workloads, including those that are best served when data resides, is backed up, and is managed. and maintained on sovereign territory without interference from foreign entities

Sovereignty is increasingly a priority for many organizations in Malaysia. In the case of AVM Cloud, this includes customers in many industries, including financial services and manufacturing.

“Sovereign cloud regulatory requirements are still nascent and growing in Malaysia,” he says. Data sovereignty is reflected in existing legal and policy frameworks which encompass a comprehensive cross-cutting framework to protect personal data in business transactions and play an important role in helping businesses address data sovereignty issues.

These issues are directly addressed by the five criteria and numerous requirements that must be met to earn the VMware Sovereign Cloud distinction: data sovereignty and jurisdictional control, data access and integrity, data security and compliance, data independence and mobility. data, and data innovation and analytics. . AVM Cloud answers all of them.

“Our sovereign clouds are architected and built to provide security and data access that meets the stringent requirements of regulated industries and local jurisdiction laws on data privacy, access and control,” Chan said. “We provide this nationwide digital resiliency capability while enabling our customers to access a hyperscale cloud in another region for ancillary workloads or analytics. In this way, Malaysian companies can demonstrate to their customers that they value their trust and treat their personal data with the utmost care. Ultimately, this commitment will benefit all Malaysian citizens.

Learn more about AVM Cloud and its partnership with VMware here.

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