Hadrian, an Amsterdam and London-based cybersecurity startup that offers real-time exposure management and automated security testing, announced on Tuesday (January 24th) that it has raised new funding from ABN AMRO Ventures.

ABN AMRO Ventures is the venture capital investment arm of ABN AMRO. The amount of funding was not disclosed.

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Rogier Fischer, CEO of Hadrian, says: “From day one, there was a clear match with our product offering and their security challenges. This investment shows that our product is no longer in alpha and that it brings value to large companies. Together with ABN AMRO Ventures, we will achieve our mission of providing real-time exposure management to one billion digital assets much sooner.

How does Hadrian help ABN AMRO?

Digital infrastructures, including those of ABN AMRO, have grown over the past 10 years and include tens of thousands of digital terminals. The nature of cyberattacks is also changing, as cybercriminals are now automating their attacks to target thousands of businesses simultaneously.

According to ABN AMRO, the reliable, long-term method to continuously scan the entire attack surface for these emerging threats is automation. This is where Hadrian is needed.

The company automatically maps exposed assets, identifies hazards, and prioritizes remediation actions for security teams to address those challenges.

Hadrian, was founded by a group of hackers and developers after seeing cyber attackers using AI and red teams failing to keep up.

Tiago Teles, Head of Security at ABN AMRO, says: “What is exciting about what Hadrian is doing is that they have solved a seemingly impossible puzzle: finding weaknesses in a complex network with details of human type, on a large scale, from the outside and continuously.”

“What typically takes a dedicated team of security engineers a few weeks to understand a system, they can do it in minutes for thousands of systems. It’s revolutionizing how CISOs at companies with complex IT footprints know where to invest their money for a fraction of the cost,” Teles adds.

Hadrian: Everything you need to know

Founded in 2021 by Olivier Beg, Rogier Fischer, Tijl van Vliet and Maurice Clin, Hadrian aims to renovate proactive security and make security analytics autonomous and scalable.

It offers automated security insights through its AI-based testing SaaS platform and enables detailed attack surface management and risk prioritization.

Hadrian says the modular nature of his technology combines ML and AI modules to accurately mimic the creativity of a hacker. The platform is capable of analyzing billions of assets daily to create near real-time insights into digital threats and attack vectors.

Hadrian’s dataflow includes clear defense priorities and easily integrates into existing CISO workflow technology stacks.

Dedicated to creating a faster, more accurate and scalable offensive security solution, its team is made up of hackers and engineers from over 20 different nationalities.

About ABN AMRO Ventures

ABN AMRO Ventures is the venture capital fund of ABN AMRO. It supports technology companies that are experts in the digitization of financial services, infrastructure and goods. The fund has already invested in more than 20 companies, including DFNS, Doconomy, Oper, Quantexa, Solaris and Upvest.

It currently has 150 million euros in assets under management. Previous ABN AMRO Ventures investments include BehavioSec (release 2022), OpenInvest (release 2021), Penta (release 2022), Tink (release 2021) and Trifacta (release 2022).

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