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Amplified Intelligence, the world’s only truly omnichannel attention measurement company, has unveiled the next generation of its attentionPLAN® solution. It’s the only attention planning tool that covers linear TV, CTV, social media, YouTube and other major digital platforms.

attentionPLAN® was designed and built over two years with the help of experts in the advertising ecosystem – brand opinion leaders, agency and platform media teams.

The new iteration of the advanced media planning tool gives brands and agencies a transparent view of the exact human attention they will receive in return for advertising investment, based on their own uploaded media plans. It also gives them the unparalleled ability to optimize short- or long-term business results that align with their business goals.

Combining human attention data and predictive analytics, the advanced offering enables agencies and brands to optimize campaign impact, performance and profitability against the largest set of attention data. real human in the world.

attentionPLAN® leverages deep insights into attention variability to deliver a rich, easy-to-use portfolio of intelligent planning and reporting capabilities. Its expanded range of sophisticated features now includes:

  • Construction of the scenario: create multiple potential scenarios with different outcomes and channel combinations to reveal media placements with the highest likelihood of achieving campaign goals and generating a strong return on ad spend. This can be done quickly, saving media planners hours of valuable time.
  • Audience calculations: enable effective media buying decisions and improve response to expectations by enabling benchmarking of estimated reach versus actual attention ads can garner, weighted channel by channel.
  • Cross-Funnel Application: apply continuous testing and fine-tuning to identify and adopt the best approach to achieving any goal, from short-term bottom-funnel goals to long-term brand awareness.
  • Versatile implementation: Use it effectively as a standalone web-based solution or integrate it seamlessly with existing media planning tools and workflows with its smart API.

“Brands and agencies need measurement technology that generates an accurate, fair, and actionable understanding of cross-channel attention that they can use to improve spend effectiveness and results. That’s exactly what attentionPLAN® was designed to deliver,” comments Karen Nelson-Field, CEO and Founder of Amplified Intelligence. “The product has been extensively tested by over 100 organizations in the global media industry and is perfect for agency and in-house media teams looking to consolidate their tools, protect their advertising spend against the recession and optimize their strategies for measuring human attention and results.”

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