VENTRESS, La. (WAFB) – Several people from Pointe Coupee Parish spent the day cleaning up and inspecting the mess after inclement weather on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

Several mobile homes were overturned and demolished. The National Weather Service is assessing the possibility of a tornado hitting Ventress, which is just below New Roads.

“All of a sudden it was this rumble and boom and just an explosion,” said Soni Lynn Bullock, who lives on Morel Lane.

“You could feel it taking us and I just honestly held that hand because it’s the only hand that’s cut off,” Bullock’s neighbor Mary Hotard said.

Bullock’s mobile home is still standing. Hotard’s house did not survive the thunderstorms on Tuesday evening.

“Total shock,” Hotard said. “I didn’t even think it was like that. We were standing inside the house.

That was until her house collapsed around her.

“It felt like three whole minutes,” Hotard said. “We were just running. We didn’t know exactly where we were running because it was still raining very hard.

Now she digs into what’s left.

“I don’t know how we survived it,” Hotard said.

“Losing it all in an instant like that,” Bullock said. “It really hurts. I feel for them, you know because it was their life. It was their home.

Neighbors like her step in to help.

“Our neighbors have lost everything, but with the work of God we will get them back on their feet,” Bullock said. “We will help as much as we can.”

Hotard and his other neighbor went to the hospital last night. They are expected to be well, and the American Red Cross is working to help them with supplies and housing.

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