While most people use dating apps to search for a potential partner, a man recently shared screenshots of his conversation showing how he used the dating app Bumble to find a suitable job.

A Twitter user named Adnaan shared a screenshot of his conversation with his Bumble match on his Twitter account. As seen in the conversation, the woman he was talking to works as HR at a startup; as soon as the man learned of this, he replied that he was doing a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and asked if she could help him with a job at the startup.

The woman responded by asking, “I was going to ask, what kind of jobs are you looking for LOL.” Then, adding further, she replies, “Are you graduating this year.”

While sharing his conversation on Twitter, Adnaan wrote, “You use LinkedIn for jobs, I use Bumble, we’re not the same brother (crying emoticon).”

The tweet caught netizens in two. One user wrote, β€œI respect the grind man. Go pocket that girl and the job.

“Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, hard times,” Adnaan replied to the comment.

Another wrote: ‘Brother got hrzoned’.

Since sharing, this tweet has generated 670.2K views, 2161 retweets and 13.4K likes.

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