Showing up as yourself on social media in videos and photos isn’t easy. Believe me. But it works. Because people want to do business with other people.

Effective marketing of professional services is business to peoplemore business to business.

According to Forbes, “B2H (business to human) is a form of marketing that targets the human behind the screen and focuses on what each individual needs rather than just focusing on a specific consumer or business. It’s about focusing on the person rather than the wallet and building lasting relationships.

Appearing on other people’s social media via videos and photos of you (selfies are great – your iPhone’s timer feature can help with that!) is key to your success on social media.

It helps people get to know you.

It helps you build your personal brand.

It also helps you stand out in a crowded market.

So whether it’s in a video or a photo (which is why you should invest in multiple portraits of yourself), posts tend to do best because again, people want to do business with people and they are people they know, love and trust.

A great way to be more confident on social media is to practice using it more often.

Start by setting aside time each day to work on your social media accounts and use that time to record, plan, and/or post content that reflects your values, interests, and expertise.

As you become familiar with each platform, start engaging with others by liking and commenting on their posts, joining conversations, and networking.

Here are 10 tips to help you appear on social media with more confidence:

  1. Set realistic goals. Start small and build your presence gradually.

  2. Know your audience. Understand who you’re talking to and create content that engages them.

  3. Create a social media timeline to help you manage and track your posts – and this way you can reuse past posts as well, which is smart and efficient.

  4. To be coherent. Post regularly and follow a schedule to ensure you stay visible.

  5. Focus on quality, not quantity. Quality content is the key to engagement.

  6. Showcase your skills. Showcase your knowledge and share valuable information with your audience.

  7. Engage with others. Participate in conversations and connect with others. This is how you build a strong community.

  8. Choose the right platform. Select the platforms that best fit your goals and where your target audience is – customers, prospects, recruits, etc. You don’t have to be on every social media platform – in fact – you shouldn’t.

  9. Experiment with different formats. Try different types of content such as videos, images, carousel posts, infographics, and stories.

  10. Monitor your performance. Track your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.

Also, take the time to research best practices on social media, you will become more confident.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward as long as you bring value to your audience because YOU are your brand and your business!

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