Everyone has played a mobile game that they consider a guilty pleasure at some point in their lives, and they often come back to this comfort game time and time again. 2022 demonstrated that mobile gaming is always looking to evolve, with the success of marvel snap and upcoming updates for titles such as Among us, indicating that audiences are always hungry for more content on the platform. However, even in 2023, some familiar titles continue to be seen as guilty pleasures, despite attracting a wider fanbase who enjoy interacting with the digital experience, even in secret!

Much like the best guilty pleasure movies, guilty pleasure games can be defined by those titles that might not be considered high quality. These games may be aimed at age groups older or younger than the players interacting with, or they may seem far too simple in design. These games may not be as technically complex as other projects on the market, but they continue to appeal to the general public. However, they still provide a moment of lighthearted entertainment in an increasingly stacked industry and no one should really feel guilty playing a title that so many people have worked hard on and is super enjoyable.

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Wordscapes (2017)

Game image in Wordscapes showing wordplay.

Successes such as the five-letter word phenomenon, wordle, demonstrated that players seek to stretch their minds by interacting with word-based puzzles. This iOS and Android title from PeopleFun plays on some of the genre trends of recent years. Indeed, this entry into the puzzle genre is simple in its premise, but can quickly become complex in its execution, continually creating complicated Hangman-esque word equations to solve.

Filling in the gaps to decipher missing words from a selection of letters will always be satisfying, and it’s this instant gratification that keeps players coming back. While these types of titles might be considered guilty pleasures because they barely reinvent the wheel, that doesn’t make them any less rewarding and they deserve to be compared to the world’s best puzzle games like Key words.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush (2013)

A gameplay image from Despicable Me: Minion Rush showing a group of minions hanging from a claw.

It’s rare that film franchises perfect for adaptation are considered guilty pleasures given the large audiences they’ve garnered. For example, recent movie titles like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes maintain a devoted crowd. But, Despicable Me: Minion Rush knocks on all the goofy absurdity fans might expect. Developed by Gameloft, the award-winning children’s game is available on Android, iOS and PC.

Acting as a simple platform runner, there’s nothing inventive about this simple race to the finish, but players still like to secretly come back to unlock goofy Minions and courses to race through. So it might seem like it’s marketed to younger players and therefore fits that category of guilty pleasure, but it’s too fancy not to enjoy playing as Gru’s colorful henchmen.

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Helix Jump (2018)

A gameplay image of Helix Jump showing a ball falling towards a platform.

Simplified designs are often the most effective in the mobile market. Helix Jump is a newer release that has generated quite a buzz as one of the best puzzle games out there, thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and addictive puzzles that require quick coordination. The H8 Games title, available on iOS, PC and Android, is already a guilty pleasure that is likely to last.

Helix Jump doesn’t shy away from its core premise, which sees players control a ball which they must drop to the bottom of a course full of traps, timing their moves perfectly to avoid disaster. It may sound trite, but a surprising amount of skill is required to truly pull it off, forging a guilty pleasure in the process. It’s not exactly one of the best story-based games on mobile, but it doesn’t have to be!

Flappy Bird (2013)

A Flappy Bird gameplay image showing an orange bird avoiding green obstacles.

flappy bird holds an intriguing place in video game history. A title that acts as the definition of a video game fashion in its genre, the popularity of flappy bird was almost overwhelming, and it was eventually shut down due to its addictive nature. The original incarnation of Dong Nguyen and Dot Gears is no longer a viable iteration. But despite its unavailability, fans have found plenty of copycat alternatives.

Featuring a single control, players had to keep their flapping bird in the air for as long as possible as they avoided obstacles that were sure to bring down the poultry protagonist. It was seen as a brief trend aimed at those who may not have taken the game seriously, but secretly everyone enjoyed the streamlined and intuitive gameplay of this guilty pleasure, which has since morphed into a game of goofy battle royale.

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Temple Race (2011)

A gameplay image from Temple Run showing an adventurer jumping across a temple course.

temple run follows a similar premise as popular releases like Despicable Me: Minion Rush, but it is arguably the most beloved variant of a running platformer on mobile. Developed by Imangi Studios, the global builder of temple run is fun enough, but it’s the high-stakes races that make it stand out. temple run will continue to go faster and faster as the protagonist runs through beautiful landscapes while being chased by a primate enemy.

While the gorilla antagonist is a constant threat, the iOS and Android game also throws up plenty of physical hurdles to leap and dive to succeed. The appeal of the track is that it seems nearly endless, suggesting that players could put a lot of time into the game and never get anything back. Along with that, the clunky aesthetic makes it a guilty pleasure to be played by some in secret, like a far from serious download.

Angry Birds (2009)

A gameplay image from Angry Birds showing a bird about to be thrown at pigs.

With relatively accurate video game adaptation, there are very few mobile titles that have reached the levels of fame like Angry Birds, which remains a guilty pleasure for gamers around the world. Not lacking in titles inspired by the original hit, Angry Birds is such a satisfying game. The title and its early sequels took the concept into bolder territory, but ultimately the first release from Rovio Entertainment and ak tronic Software & Services GmbH remains a Windows, iOS, and Android classic.

In its first incarnation, players fired their angry birds through a series of towers, knocking pigs over and creating general mayhem. It was supposed to be a game aimed at kids, but it’s become a vibrant guilty pleasure for gamers of all ages who love the absurdity of pitting these animal icons against each other in a completely jaw-dropping display of sound-worthy design. own video game theme park.

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Candy Crush Saga (2012)

A gameplay image from Candy Crush Saga showing a lighting shot from a special move.

Not only is candy Crush Saga available via Android and iOS alongside a Windows format, but its popularity and guilty pleasure status as a mobile game meant the King title was even accessible via social media sites like Facebook. Many sequels ensured the continued success of the experience, with candy Crush Saga now reaches its 10th anniversary.

All players need to do is match the same candies before time runs out. But with bonuses, boosts, and increased pressure as the game progresses, the addictive nature of candy Crush Saga really captured the minds of gamers. The gamehitting a certain generation at the right time, and while it might appeal to older audiences, younger fans see it as a guilty pleasure that doesn’t require skill or a lot of thought, with a lot of candy Crush Saga tips and tricks to learn along the way.

Subway Surfers (2012)

An image from Subway Surfers showing a player running between two train tracks.

Subway surfers is another title that ends up in the runner/runner category, similar to the likes of Race to the temples. However, its graphic style and train obstacle course make a real difference as players race across rooftops and dive under subway stops. Created by Kiloo and SYBO, this endless runner on iOS and Android is exactly what a mobile game should be, with plenty of downloadable mods available to enjoy.

Fans can choose the popular 3D experience at any time, dive straight in and see if they can compete with themselves and the leaderboard to get as far as they can go. With Subway surfers codes unlocking list, there are many faces to choose from. It’s this endless runner setup that makes it a guilty pleasure, with players knowing they can’t really progress, but it’s not a waste of time if enjoyed.

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Fruit Ninja (2010)

A gameplay image of Fruit Ninja showing a sword cutting through food.

Fruit Ninja, as a concept, has taken so many forms. Whether it’s back on the PlayStation 2 and the EyeToy or in its more recent formulas involving mobile games, cutting fruit with a sword is so appealing. Halfbrick Studios came up with the perfect version. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows, all players have to do is cut the correct fruit.

It’s harder than it looks, especially as the game develops. The award-winning release demonstrated its longevity, appealing to all ages with its fast-paced approach, despite being originally marketed to younger audiences. Guilty Pleasure might seem like just a big kid’s game to some, and it’s a completely silly concept, but it’s so compelling to slice and dice.

Happy Wheels (2010)

An image from the game Happy Wheels showing a father and son riding bicycles on a course.

happy wheels is often associated with a Windows title despite its Android configuration, thanks in part to its level of customization. But it’s also available on Android and iOS and it’s the kind of title everyone has played at some point, even if it’s not as mainstream as other heavyweights. In it, players must drive the vehicle of their choice through a series of dangerous and violent obstacles.

Fancy Force’s game may be gory and feature a little more mature jokes, but the silliness of it all keeps fans coming back for its tough arcade lessons. This is where it becomes a guilty pleasure, with players probably spending way too much time designing tracks they know they could never master, in a game that is perhaps more about having fun than to survive.

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